BestMedCareer consists a trustful partner for our candidates offering a quality in service through out the entire reqruitment process. Using our european network of business collaborators we consist a reliable partner for those who desire to develop their careers in the most advanced health systems of Europe and M.East.

the procedure…


The first contact with the doctor is via internet or through a network of associates. In this first contact, we ask the candidate’s phone to give information and get to know him/her in a more direct way.

Our associate explains to the candidate who we are, what we do and what services we offer as a company.

In fact, we offer work through collaborating companies in highly developed health systems of Europe and Middle East, in state and private but also in mixed type hospitals with excellent wages.


All benefits are offered free of charge to physicians.


Services offered by us and the collaborating companies

  • Communication, follow ups, feedbacks
  • All the necessary forms needed to register to medical associations.
  • Tickets and accommodation for a week to get to know the hospital you are interested in.
  • Free course
  • Flight tickets for the whole family.
  • Free furnished apartment.
  • Each candidate (doctor, dentist or nurse) who has a signed guarantee of employment will get an allowance of 700-800 EUR net monthly and an additional 70 EUR monthly for each child under 18, during the intensive course.
  • Children will be offered the language course and the youngest will be in kindergarten at the same time.
  • Help with the application for the medical degrees

We offer through the collaborating company, a range of locum and permanent jobs available for doctors in NHS/HSE trusts and private hospitals across the UK .

(GMC/IMC & IELTS test procedures must organized and completed by the candidate himself/herself)


Step 1 – We select the Doctor with the suitable Speciality:

  • Conduct Document Assessment
  • Validate Information and Scrutinize Certificates
  • Assessment with Panel Doctors on Suitability

Step 2 – The collaborated company undertake the Licensing process with the DHA/HAAD/MOH

  • Documentation Process and credential assessment
  • Submit Application for License
  • Obtain Eligibility Letter



The intensive course lasts 17-20 weeks, depending on the country and the language level required. It provides doctors with the knowledge and vocabulary needed to communicate with their future colleagues and patients.

The first two months courses are online, then they are held in our collaborators’ international course centers among Europe for another 4 to 5 months depending the destination country.

Desirable language level: Sweden C1, Denmark B2, Norway B2.


Best Med Career and the collaborating companies’ goal is to identify the best job offer for the future candidate.


As soon as we have a job proposal and the doctor has a proven B1-B2 level of French language for France-Belgium, a Skype interview is arranged with the hospital manager who has shown interest to candidate.

If the outcome is positive, the doctor will have to travel to the hospital where he will stay for a week to have the opportunity to work and see the hospital and the area likely to be relocated. At the same time he/she will be able to judge himself/herself, whether the working conditions that prevail are those he/she wishes. If the two sides agree, then a contract is signed between them…


For UK, if the doctor succeeds the IELTS test and complete the GMC/IMC procedures, a Skype interview is arranged with the hospital manager who has shown interest to the candidate doctor.

If the outcome is positive, the candidate for UK signs the contract with the hospital and starts in the new position in a short period of time.


The collaborating company organizes a meeting on Skype or telephone conversation in order get to know each other better. They will present the doctor with the currently open positions, and will inform him/her about the selection process, the services and support offered to the candidate and his/her family.

After the CV’s screening a skype interview is arranged with hospital. Finally, the selected doctor, is invited for a study tour to the specific region of Sweden, Norway or Denmark, and for an interview with the future employer. The study tour usually takes two or three days, on one of which the candidate will have an interview, see the clinic and meet colleagues.


We looking for German speaking general practitioners, whom are willing to live and work in Switzerland. Candidates already need to speak German on a high level and need to have EU citizenship and EU education.

Salaries : 12.000 CHF + 10% of the TARMED( above 400.000 CHF)


The collaborated company negotiate terms on behalf of the candidate and finalise the agreement with the hospital within 30 days

  • Submit Profile with Eligibility Letter
  • Negotiate with both parties and finalise the employment contract
  • Assist the Candidate with Logistical support such as schooling information, rentals, city info etc.


Europe and Middle East

Going to live abroad is a major decision for our future candidates and their families and they should obtain a wide range of information and advices before and after settlement in the new country.

BestMedCareer and the collaborating companies services:

  • Find out about your tax liability
  • Find out about your welfare rights
  • Necessary information about accommodation and property
  • Information about schools for children

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Bulgaria :

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