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Changing jobs, and even countries, is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make.BestMedCareer makes your transition as easy as possible by placing the right candidate to the right position…


I am very satisfied with all the staff...

I would like to thank Best Med Career for this job position in Belgium. I am very satisfied with all the staff that was Involved in this project. Their guidance was exceptional as well their professionalism. I would like to mention that I was waiting for this position for so long and thanks to Best Med Career my dream came true.

Magda Michailidou (Internal Medicine specialist),

Their replied quickly to my request...

I came across the Best Med Carrer while searching for a job in Belgium. Their replied quickly to my request explaining very well all the steps of the recruitment process and provided me with the detailed information for the registration process with Belgian Health Authority. After my french language skills were assesed by the company member, zoom interivew with the hospital was promptly organised. During the test week in the hospital, the assistance of the company member based in Belgium was exceptional. Overall, highly recommended company. All my queries answered quickly. Thanking all the team for guidance and support!

Dr. Gulya A. ( Paediatrician, Spain),

I highly recommend the staff of Best Med Career...

I highly recommend the staff of Best Med Career Medical Recruiting for any doctor or medical professional who is looking for relocation in Belgium. They are absolutely the best and most professional, very committed and approachable, very precise and ethical, with a proper knowledge of the field, very careful and aware of all the details and more than everything nice persons, treating their clients like friends.

Maria Vlachou - Orthopedic Pediatric Surgeon,

Meuse, le Fleuve...

Par la terrasse, l’eau j'étudie de la Meuse, frémissant toute au long de la journée, par un vent dont je n’ai aucune idée, autant que nouveau arrivé dans ce coin, ni son nom propre ni d'où s’approche, pourtant le soir elle calmit, donc les lumières de la cité ne se retardent pas à se mettre à jouer avec sa surface, l’eau c'est comme l'homme, elle s'épuise aussi, par les allées et les venues des barges, elle s’assoupit lors de mon retour chez moi du local de la consultation à l'hôpital, au Bois de L’Abbaye, à Seraing, quelques minutes loin de la ville de Liège, aucun fleuve ne m'a porté là-bas, le courant de la vie comme on dit, ni la chance ni le malheur, mais le contingent, la rencontre de mon désir avec l’homme représentant une entreprise qui recrute des docteurs, un concept jusqu'ici entièrement inconnu chez moi, un homme qui, chose contradictoire, ne m'a donné aucun job, puisqu'il s’est aperçu que le travail, ça, ce n'était en aucun cas ce dont j'avais besoin, il ne m'a pas intronisé sur une des places qu'il a connues déjà vides, il m'a donné ce qu’il n’a même pas eu, une siège qu’elle n'a jamais existé, il a ouvert à nouveau un lit fluvial pour que celui-ci héberge le flot de ma soif.

Chris M. Alexandris - Psychiatre,

I would like to thank Best Med Career...

I would like to thank Best Med Career or their valuable help at both professional and personal level. I am a neurologist and have been working in a hospital for the last few months. Company's support from the first moment, was decisive, helping and guiding both the interview and the follow-up process, to make my business setup easy. On a personal level, Best Med career and its people, with their help and full support, have helped me to overcome the difficulties of my installation, in every level!!!!

Eirini Tsiamaki - Neurologist,

With the help of Best Med Career I found what I was looking for...

I'm a young nuclear specialist and like everyone else I was looking for the next step in my career. With the help of Best Med Career I found what I was looking for . The men of my company behaved as if we were old friends. We put things in a row, they patiently explained the procedures to me and thanks to their support all the obstacles inside and outside the border were overcome without any panic. So a big thank you to these Best Med Career people who work as a harmonious team and have helped me morally and materially to broaden my horizons.

Makis Gkirgkoudis-Nuclear Medicine ,

A big “thank you” to Best Med Career’s team

A big “thank you” to Best Med Career’s team for the utter support and understanding during the whole process of our preparation and establishment in my "new home". In Best Med Career partners we found not only excellent professionals but also very good friends. I would definitely recommend to anyone who is thinking of making such a change in his professional career, to trust in them.

Kleio Papadopoulou-Cardiologist,