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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

With real skills to find medical personnel to meet the needs of hospitals and other institutions, Best Med Career is THE new society of the Belgian and French hospital market.

Best Med Career can respond fast, directly and effectively to the needs of its clients. The experienced associates and network of recruitment experts, maximize the chances of a successful search by minimizing the possibilities of choosing the wrong candidate.

Our candidates, citizens of the European Union, mainly from Greece, Cyprus, France,Belgium, Italy , Spain ,Portugal ,Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Poland  are constantly evaluated linguistically and psychologically by our partners specialized in order to reach the most advanced health services in the world.

Best Med Career. A trusted partner in medical recruitment.


Best Med Career, not only finds the appropriate CV, which is invited to present to its clients, but is also committed to furnish the following services:

  • Present to the client more than one option. It’s very important for BMC to maintain a wide selection of distinguished CVs for our clients’ use.
  • Linguistic adequacy examination and control of work candidates. The company may also suggest French lessons with specialized personnel, in case the candidate wishes for.
  • Medical personnel’s registration at INAMI for Belgium or at the “Ordres des Médecins” for France. (Files’ verification before the deposition).
  • Coordination of the TEST WEEK for the physicians. Cooperation with hotels under contract. Living expenses and plane tickets are covered by Best Med Career