A team is not a group of people who work together. A team is a group of people who trust and respect each other.


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Why choose us

Why Choose Us

As a recruiting company, we are well aware of the huge responsibility that we carry on our shoulders as we daily deal with people’s lives. It is our aim to change these lives for the better.
That’s why we have a completely dedicated team which provides the necessary guidance through all the procedures and helps the candidate conclude to the most suitable country while focusing on:

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  • A detailed explanation of the health system in the host country is provided to the candidate in order to be able to understand the specific features of it. Our consultants give the necessary advice regarding the decision to leave home country in full knowledge of all the factors.

  • $ 100


  • We devote plenty of time to all candidates so as to understand their desires and needs while at the same time preparing documents and registration to perfection. By taking into account all the factors that ensure candidate’s prosperity, we can guarantee a smooth adaptation in the new country.

  • $ 100


  • We are fully aware that changing jobs, and even countries, is one of the most substantial decisions in our candidates’ lives and that’s why there is no room for mistakes. Our main goal is to succeed in every single level of expatriation.  Best Med Career is very experienced in placing the right candidate to the right position…